We spent this weekend in Cape Cod w/ Frannie's family -- her family has been renting the same small cottage by the beach in Truro for 35 years or so, and we spend a lot of time out there in the summer. This year, our old friend Tati introduced perhaps the greatest beach innovation ever.  The Waboba.  For those who have yet to experience it, a Waboba is a ball that bounces on water.  The ball is made of gel, and is wrapped in wetsuit-like material.It's amazing -- so fun in so many ways.  We played in a small tidepool, close together.  We played in the ocean, skipping the ball, long distance, up, over and across the waves.  It seems silly to write a blog post about a beach ball, but this is really something special. Just check out a Youtube search for Waboba to see how people are using it (and how many people are filming it).  We had the Waboba Extreme, which sets you back $8.99 .  If you're spending time in the water this summer, I highly recommend doing it w/ a Waboba.

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