This is what an Internet Candidate looks like

I just donated to Christina Gagnier's campaign for congress. I've gotten to know Christina recently, and I really hope she's able to pull through this race and make it.  We need smart people in DC who understand technology, tech issues, and tech policy. She is without a doubt one of those people.  She's an entrepreneur and tech lawyer who knows these issues cold and has lived with them for a long time. Smart DC consultants have told me that Christina is too far behind to win.  I'm not sure if that's true or not.  But what I know is that she "gets" technology and tech policy.  And she's not coming at it from a Silicon Valley perspective -- she's representing California's 35th District, in the eastern part of LA county, where big technology companies are not the center of the economy, but technology is what is going to connect and power the local economy. Further, Christina has been out in the community nonstop for the last few months, including her Bold Ideas RV Tour over the last month, and I suspect the race will be closer than people think. Christina gets that privacy and trust are central issues, that we need open networks and broadband infrastructure, and that issues like patent trolls (and software patents more generally) are hurting the tech-driven economy. So, for those of you looking to make some last minute noise / contributions, I think Christina's campaign is a great place to do it.      

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