The secret life of the subway

In doing some photo hunting for a side project, I came across this gem of a photo on Flickr. Riding the subway all over the city, I often think about the fact that most great subway moments (and many great city moments, for that matter) go unrecorded. Perhaps this is part of the beauty of it -- there are only participants; no watchers -- but I often wish I had a camera built into my eyes to catch the great little moments that happen almost every day. Musicians on the train are a real special treat; I love the fact that for just a few minutes, perhaps just the distance between two stops, a little concert takes place.  For that short period of time, riders goes from being disconnected strangers to inadvertent partners, with feet tapping and heads nodding. This photo has an almost Rockwell-esque quality to it, and you've gotta love the angry glare from the woman in the corner.

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