Taking it to the streets

(ok, I obviously need to work on less cheesy headlines, but for the moment...)

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of accompanying TOPP's latest hire, Kim Wiley-Schwartz, on a pilot session for her new Livable Streets curriculum.  She's developing an education program around Livable Streets that's debuting in several NYC public schools this spring. This week's session took two groups of students from PS 87 (1st, 4th, and 5th graders) out into the neighborhood to do streetscape observations ("do you see a bike lane?," "do cars slow down at the speed bump?") as well as radar gunning on Columbus Avenue to gauge traffic speed.  Obviously, radar gunning was the more popular activity, with all the kids clamoring for a turn with Transportation Alternatives' Nathan John (above). This is a really exciting new program, and it was great to see how tuned-in little New Yorkers already are to the urban environment around them.  Go get 'em Kim!

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