Regulation and the peer economy: a 2.0 framework

As part of my series on Regulation 2.0, which I'm putting together for the Project on Municipal Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School, today I am going to employ a bit of a cop-out tactic and rather than publish my next section (which I haven't finished yet, largely because my whole family has the flu right now), I will publish a report written earlier this year by my friend Max Pomeranc. Max is a former congressional chief of staff, who did his masters at the Kennedy School last year.  For his "policy analysis exercise" (essentially a thesis paper) Max looked at regulation and the peer economy, exploring the idea of a "2.0" approach.  I was Max's advisor for the paper, and he has since gone on to a policy job at Airbnb. Max did a great job of looking at two recent examples of peer economy meets regulation: the California ridesharing rules, and the JOBS act for equity crowdfunding, and exploring some concepts which could be part of a "2.0" approach to regulation.  His full report is here. Relatively quick read, a good starting place for thinking about these ideas. I am off to meet Max for breakfast as we speak! More tomorrow.

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