Quarantine Creativity

Continuing to look for glimmers of hope and positivity in the middle of this crisis, one area that is for sure glimmering is at-home creativity. I know from seeing the numbers from some of USV's portfolio companies in the "creator" space that creative activity is way up. People are stuck at home, and they are writing, making music and getting busy in the kitchen.

Here is one example which just floored me. My daughter's best friend is in the Boston Children's Chorus and they just released this beautiful video performance:


Not only is this a fantastic and uplifting way to express creativity during a dark time, I would argue that this is better -- more beautiful, with far greater reach -- than a live performance, or certainly a traditional video of a live performance would have been.

So I am encouraged that not only are we seeing creativity blossom where it can, I think we're going to see brand new forms of expression emerge from this crisis.

There is so much pain in the world right now -- both economic and physical/emotional. This feels like one small bright spot to focus on this morning.

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