New App Idea: Dude, Where's My Car?

Even though I shouldn't own a car, I do, and as every car owner in NYC knows, dealing with alternate-side parking is a hassle. That, combined with my recent itch to write a small mobile app, has lead me to the following idea:  the "Dude, Where's My Car?" app for mobile.   Here's what it will do:

  • When I park my car, I'll open the app, and it will prompt me to enter where I've parked.  I'll enter "Warren" under "Street" and "Smith & Hoyt" under "Between".  Or maybe I'll click on a map.  This seems like a silly step, but if you're like me, it'll come in handy four days later when you forget where you parked.

  • The app home screen will show the car's location, either in text or map form.

  • Then, the app will query the Alternate Side Parking Calendar, and show if alternate side is in effect for the next few days.

  • For bonus points, it will send me a text or email the night before I need to move the car.

I plan on trying to make this for blackberry, since that's how I roll, but of course it would be sexier on the iPhone.  Maybe I'll try out PhoneGap and kill two birds with one stone. (I know some people have already been thinking about this problem, so I may be able to recruit some help)

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