Living in the Fall Line

For the past few months I have been seeing an executive coach, which has been really helpful for me. One of my issues is that I tend to keep too much work bottled up in my inbox / in my to do list.  This is a drain on productivity and a source of stress.  Part of what I’m working on is keeping things moving - through me and outside of me, and so far it’s been working. Part of the coaching process has been sussing out *why* i tend to do this (as opposed to how, or to jumping to surface solutions).  Clearly fear — of some kind — is a part of it. One thing that occurred to me last night is that working on a lot of things simultaneously and keeping them all moving is kind of like skiing — at a certain point you have to stop fighting gravity and jump down into the fall line.  In other words, point the skis down the hill, let gravity do its thing, and adapt as you pick up speed.  But get moving and stay moving. There is something in this that’s similar to being naked online.  Maybe the answer is to ski naked online.  Maybe I’m taking things too far now… // image:

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