Introducing The Slow Hunch Podcast, and Episode 1 with Fraser Kelton

Today I'm excited to introduce two things:

1/ I'm starting a podcast series along the same theme as this blog. The Slow Hunch Podcast will dive into the twists and turns, ups and downs, near misses, minor miracles, and personal plights behind the stories of "overnight successes", big breakthroughs, and ideas that in hindsight seem obvious but weren't always that way.

2/ Could not be more thrilled to welcome my first guest on the pod, my old friend Fraser Kelton.

Fraser and I first worked together a decade ago when USV invested in his last company Koko: an AI company focused on mental health that was ultimately acquired by Airbnb. My time working on the Koko board was a major introduction for me to the ML / AI tools & techniques of that earlier era. During Fraser's time at Airbnb, OpenAI released their seminal research that paved the way for what we now think of as modern AI / LLMs. Inspired by this advance, Fraser joined OpenAI as Head of Product and was part of the team that launched ChatGPT and changed everything. He's now a partner at Spark Capital, on a mission to support founders on their journeys of discovery.

I hope you enjoy the conversation. You can find the podcast here, which includes links to Apple and Spotify for audio. And you can find the full video conversation on Youtube, and embedded below.

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