Hacking Society

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being part of an event called Hacking Society -- I helped organize the event w/ the folks at Union Square Ventures, and it was a real honor to spend a day surrounded by many of my internet heroes. It's taken us a little while, but we've been working through the transcripts and recordings from the event, and have been piecing together some video clips.  Today we posted the first set, and a bunch more will be ready soon.  Fred has a post up today about one of them: a conversation about the problem of money in politics, kicked off by Larry Lessig, leading to some brainstorming about how we might hack at the problem.  As always, the commenters on Fred's blog are having at it, so I'll go jump in the conversation there. I've spent a decent portion of the last few weeks listening through the audio from Hacking Society, to the point where I feel like everyone from that day is actually residing inside my head.  Which is weird, but also nice.  I encourage you to head over there and check out the video, audio, and transcripts and invite those folks into your own brain for a few hours.  More videos will be ready soon and I'll link them up as they come.

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