Goodbye Fresh Direct, Hello Max Delivery

Here at TOPP, we've been using Fresh Direct for a while now for our office groceries (even while being critical of them on one of our blogs).  It's easy -- we can order online and have food delivered right to the office.  However, the packaging Fresh Direct uses is really outrageous; items are delivered in cardboard boxes, and are packed as if they're traversing the Atlantic, with on or two items per box surrounded by layers upon layers of packaging and padding. No longer.  This week, we switched to Max Delivery, a service that offers same day delivery of many products within Manhattan.  Max Delivery is a hybrid of Fresh Direct and Urban Fetch/Kozmo -- offering a full online catalog of staples as well as select items from NYC merchants.  The kicker (for us at least) is their reusable bag program.  Instead of packed boxes, they deliver using reusable shopping bags, with no extra packaging.  Simply pay a $1.50 deposit for each bag, and return them upon next pickup.  In between deliveries, you're free to use the bags for your own shopping.  To boot, the grocery prices are lower at Max Delivery than at Fresh Direct (or so I'm told).

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