Coming soon... The Livable Streets Network

For the past several months, my coworkers and I over at The Open Planning Project have been hard at work on an important redesign and new product launch. I'm now excited to say that the final launch is, ahem, days away.  Streetsblog and StreetFilms have been hugely popular since they launched two years ago, making an impact here in NYC and beyond, and developing a great community of readers.  The Livable Streets Network, as we're calling the new, unified effort, intends to take this to the next level, by providing more online tools and new opportunities for collaboration.

We've code named the project "Woonerf," which is dutch for "a street or group of streets where pedestrians and cyclists have legal priority over motorists."  It's an apt title indeed for a group of sites that aims to unite and motivate citizens across the country who want to make their cities more comfortable, livable, and sustainable. While we're not quite ready to flip the switch, we do have a live demo that folks can check out in the meantime.  If you'd like to see it, just fill out this short form, and we'll send you a link. Expect more soon as we approach the launch.  Here goes nothing...

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