Coming Back Up for Air

The past three weeks have been really busy. First a trip to SF with the USV team, then to Austin for SXSW to put on We Heart Wifi, and finally to Iceland where we have been helping establish a new institute for internet policy at Reykjavik University. So as is typically the case, I have fallen behind on everything — email, blogging, seeing my kids… But I am psyched to be back home and to have a few weeks free and clear to recenter and get organized. The busier my life gets, the more I’m impressed with folks who are able to keep their heads above water despite ridiculous schedules and fractured time.  It’s not something I’ve mastered yet, but I’m working on it. For the past two months Frannie and I have been taking yoga, and it’s been incredible.  Totally changes my outlook on everything.  We are lucky to have a really great studio and instructor very close to our house.   Perhaps the thing that has stuck with me the most is the idea that the practice of yoga doesn’t end when the session is over.  That, with practice, you can bring the yoga with you wherever you are, to whatever you’re doing.  Sounds hokey, I know, but it’s pretty profound.   Anyway, the point is: I think there is something in there — about how to keep calm and carry on and stay disciplined when things get hectic.  Easier said than done - but a worthy goal.

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